Some worth Taking SEO Risks

When you re-optimize your website, you are essentially taking a risk. Suppose you are shifting your website to a new platform or changing the URL structure, you are basically risking the ranking you currently have. There a chance that you will lose the ranking but there is also the chances of success you are working for. As a matter fact, every opportunity in any kind of trade comes with a risk or risks that you must deal with. And so is the case with SEO because when you are making a chance in the site, you are actually putting your website at the risk of getting its foundation shaken.

When you should take SEO risks?
Before jumping in to perform an action, you should weight the risks as compared to rewards you can get. If rewards are bigger and there are chances that you can handle the risks well, you should go for the risks. For instance, if your web page is ranking in the top 10 against a number of keywords, an effort to bring this page in the top 5 can be a bad idea if there are more chances for the web page to drop in ranking after a change. However, you can work on several other keywords against which your web page would be placed in 6 - 10 position, and you also see an opportunity to bring it on the top without the fear of losing much.

Having that said, there are a few risks which are worth taking while doing SEO.

Altering Meta information
Organic CTR drives ranking as believed by most of the people. And it is also true. So, if Meta information is not driving visitors to the page, you might need to alter this information to make it true representative of the main content. Now, the risk involved in this information alteration can lead to the loss of current position but it’s not much as compared to the opportunity of increased internet traffic and organic CTR.

Changing URL structure
E-commerce retailers stick to the old and outdated site structures most of the times. These site structures do not help in generation of SEO friendly URLs. Hence, you can get a lot of benefits by optimizing your URLs to make them keyword-friendly. It doesn’t only convince search engines but it also makes it easier for the visits to know what the page is about.

User experience
Although there is a bit of risk involved in the improvement of user experience, it is the risk which is worth taking given the benefits it can offer. New algorithms are programmed in such a way that they consider user experience as one of the top ranking factor. If your website has started to do well in search results but it is not showing reasonable performance due to a not-so-good user experience, you can improve your website from this aspect even though there is also the risk of your progress to be undone.